Heirloom Varieties

Armenian Cucumber
Light green, heavily ribbed fruits, loves the heat.

‘Bushy’ Cucumber
Heirloom from southern Russia, slicing/pickling

‘Japanese Climbing’ Cucumber
Heirloom from 1892, slicing/pickling

‘Parisian Pickling’ Cucumber
Heirloom from the 1890’s, pickling


Modern Varieties

‘Diva’ Cucumber
Can set fruit without pollination, slicing

‘Rocky’ Persian Cucumber
Seedless baby cukes, pick when 3″-3.5″ long

‘Suyo Long’ Cucumber
Grows up to 15″ long, burpless, slicing/pickling








129 cukes per plant, this works great! I have done this every year and it is…
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The West Indian gherkin is an aggressive vine with smallish leaves that are lobed like a miniature watermelon leaf. The short, three-inch, plump fruit are round, firm, and covered with blunt spines. Harvest the fruits when 1” – 2” around, dress with salt for 24 hours, and then pack them into glass jars. Cover with warm malt vinegar and add ½ teaspoon of dill seed. Secure jars with air-tight lids: the pickled gherkins will be ready in about two months.
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