Local Plants & Nurseries


Internet Seeds & Plants

  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – One of THE BEST sources for heirloom, non-GMO fruit and vegetable seeds. Great quality, and a huge selection.
  • Native Seeds / SEARCH – Tucson-based non-profit dedicated to finding and preserving desert-adapted fruit and vegetable seeds. Many are historical varieties grown by the indigenous peoples of this region.
  • Seed Savers Exchange


Gardening Education

  • The Desert Botanical Garden – Gardening classes, and on-site botanical garden featuring thousands of desert adapted plants from around the world
  • Jake Mace Gardening – Gardening classes run by local gardener and Vegan Athelete, Jake Mace
  • Maricopa County Horticultural Extension – Access to ask Master Gardeners questions, plant lists of desert-adapted plants, answers to questions about common garden pests, etc.
  • Urban Farm U – Internet and workshop gardening classes by local gardening guru Greg Peterson. Greg also does a fantastic podcast you can subscribe to on iTunes!


Other Gardening Services


Canning & Preserving


Community-Supported Agrigulture (CSAs)